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G Body Wagon Turbo LS Swap

“Got a lot done including the Trick Chassis G body box kit, floor brace kit, driveshaft crossmember, and lower control arm braces. I have a lot left from Trick Chassis I have to install but it was a good start. Also started on the frame notch. Overall it was a pretty productive 3 days.”

Customer: GBodyJake
Trick Chassis Part: G Body Sub Frame Floor Brace

G Body Under Axle Anti Roll Bar

“So I finally installed the trick chassis under axle anti roll bar. We have some big plans and goals for 2022. I did not show a install on anti roll bar because I’m not sure I did it all the way right and don’t want to give you guys bad advice. But I’m pretty sure its right and it looks good”

Customer: G Body Garage
Trick Chassis Part: Under Axle Anti Roll Bar

Impala Wagon G-Body Rear End Swap

“Ford Fox Body 8.8 Axle transplanted in place of the brittle GM 7.5. To make this easy we use Trick Chassis’s G Body 7.5 to 8.8 rear end swap kit. I go over some of the finer points of how to set everything up and pitfalls to avoid.”

Trick Chassis Part: 8.8 Swap Kit

Turbo Buick Suspension Upgrades

“I cover a few suspension upgrades that we have going on for #1CleanT Parts used: Trick Chassis Ford 9-inch rear end Aluminum center section, with billet yoke Wilwood disk brakes Viking double adjustable coil overs HR parts and stuff rear suspension parts.”

Customer: Watts Performance

Review: Trick Chassis 9″ Ford Rear End for S10

“Discover why DTPerformance chose Trick Chassis for their S10 build in this detailed review. Explore the features of the 9″ Ford rear end, from its superior weld quality to its robust design. Plus, hear about their positive experience with Trick Chassis’ customer service.”

Customer: DTPerformance