P65 Warning Label

62 To 79 Nova 9″ Housing and Axles




9″ rear with axles, wheel studs and  bearings

New center fabricated can (STANDARD)

Internal housing gusseting (STANDARD)

3″ .250″ wall tubes (STANDARD)

Housing studs installed (STANDARD)

Comes with 10 center section nuts and vent (STANDARD)

Mono leaf pads (STANDARD)

Your choice of 28, 31, 35 spline axles (STANDARD)

1/2 wheel studs 2″ or 3″ (STANDARD)


Caltrack pads available

Many housing end choices

Bearing retainer options

Back Brace

Fill and Drain

T bolts

Brake options

Powder coating

Wheel stud upgrade to 5/8

Important information:

When selection “differential options”  This is telling us what center section that you already have, or are planning on using. The axle lengths will be cut accordingly. If you purchase this for a spool then later down the road want a clutch lock or S-trac or True Track ect ect. One axle may not fit and will need to be trimmed down. Or if you bought this for anything but a spool, and then use a spool center section, the axle could end up being too short on one side. You will not have enough spline engagement.

Additional information

Weight 100 lbs
Dimensions 60 × 19 × 14 in

Powder Coat

Gloss Black, Gloss Red, Semi Gloss Black

Model Year

1993 – 1997, 1998 – 2002

Axle Splines

28 Moser Axles, 28 Strange Engineering Axles, 31 Spline Moser Axles, 31 Strange Engineering Axles, 35 Spline Moser Axles, 35 Spline Strange Engineering Axles, 40 Spline Strange Engineering


4 channel ABS ring, None

Back Brace

None, Yes

Wheel Studs (Screw In)

1/2" Wide – 2" Long, 1/2" Wide – 3" Long, 12MM (Stock), 5/8" Wide – 3" Long

Fill & Drain Plug

Both Fill & Drain, Drain, Large Billet Fill, None

Housing Ends

Billet Big Bearing New Style, Billet Big Bearing Old Style, Billet Symmetrical Ends, Flush Mount GM (Can Use Stock F-Body Brakes)

Sway Bar Brackets

None, Yes

Rear End Length

1" Shorter (Each Side), 1/2" Shorter (Each Side), 2" Shorter (Each Side), 3" Shorter (Each Side), Stock Width


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